Westwood Warriors Pole Vault Costs
I am a 100% volunteer coach, but I raise money for the
Westwood Pole Vault Fund, which is how we purchase poles
and other items needed to vault.

Westwood, Grisham and Canyon Vista athletes: $100/year ($10/month)
All others: $300/year ($50 for 1 month, $10 for 1 practice)
Easy Payment Options Here

We train year-round, and typically have at least 2 practices every week.
So, that's roughly at least 100 practices a year.
So if you paid $300 a year and went to every practice,
you'd be paying $3 a workout!
We supply the poles, the pit and the coaching!
The only way to beat that deal
is to attend Westwood, Grisham or Canyon Vista!!